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On Halloween night, Buster the Bus gets covered in goo and looks like a zombie. He doesn’t understand why all his friends are frightened of him and won’t play, until his best friend Scout takes him to the carwash to clean all the goo off.

0:08 Zombie Buster At The Carwash
2:12 Buster And Digger Find Shapes
4:11 Accidents Happen
6:14 The Wobbly Tooth
8:22 Buster's Wobbly Tooth
10:25 Fireworks with Family Fun
12:25 Buster And The Sleepy Train
14:24 Baby Kitten Rescue - Buster’s Super Fire Truck Friend
16:25 Magic Buster's Rainbow Super Power
18:29 Oh No! Buster’s Stuck in the Slimy Green Puddle
20:00 Buster the Wizard - Magic Spell Book
22:01 Santa’s Broken Sleigh
24:03 Hot Air Balloon Trouble - Buster and Friends to the Rescue
26:05 Trouble at the Carwash - Super Friends to the Rescue
28:06 Hide and Seek with Friends in Fall

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