Will Sasuke Uchiha's Last Stand Be Against Code After The Timeskip!

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Now that Sasuke Uchiha has lost the power of the Rinnegan and it has been confirmed that the final Kara member remaining, Code, is even stronger than Jigen and possesses a white karma seal that gives him the power of an Otsutsuki, Sasuke Uchiha's days are seemingly numbered. Code has vowed to destroy Sasuke, along with Naruto for taking the life of Isshiki Otsutuski and has begun mobilizing in the shadows to prepare for that very moment. Naruto Uzumaki needed to sacrifice Kurama's life to unlock a new transformation, which ultimately cost Naruto the powers of a nine tails Jinchuuriki in order to fight Isshiki to a stalemate and eventually bring him down. With Sasuke weaker and his student Boruto being one of the people that Code is hunting down, how can Sasuke ever hope to stand against Code and more importantly can he? Will there be something after the Boruto time skip that gives Sasuke the advantage that he needs to fight off Code and his white Karma seal or will Sasuke Uchiha's death be one of the first triggers for Boruto Uzumaki fulfilling the prophecy of Momshiki, that Boruto will lose everything? Grab those ramen bowls and tell your friends to bring a friend for this one and press F in the chat for Sasuke. The last full blooded Uchiha's days are numbered!
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