Why I Sent My Miss America Crown into Space

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Okay, almost space. Near space. Above 99% of the Earth's atmosphere worth of space. TECHNICALLY "space" is generally defined as the Kármán Line (~330k ft, 60km), although NASA and the US Military define it as 12 miles below the Kármán Line because 'Murica is a rebel. Or something.

To win my sash and see when I randomly send stuff to the stratosphere in real time (the whole launch was livestreamed on Instagram) make sure you're following me on social media!

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MANY MANY MANY THANKS to High Altitude Science for making space science accessible to students and silly YouTubers alike. I highly recommend classrooms try this as a socially distant science activity this spring!

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The scientific payload was an RTL SDR radio receiver recording spectrum data from FM broadcast stations as it ascended. This was a collaboration with my friend (and PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering) Kristina Collins, with the goal of submitting a paper to HamSCI eventually. (Collaboration means she did most of the payload and I did most of the get-it-to-the-stratosphere part)

We were able to track the payload in real time all the way to 112,00 feet because we flew an APRS transmitter using my Amateur Radio Callsign. This let anyone following me watch it in real time as well, it even flew over one of my fan's houses! If you plan on launching a weather balloon, I HIGHLY recommend getting your HAM license so you can fly with APRS.

0:00-1:44 Intro
1:45-4:30 Pageant Backstory
4:30-8:08 Balloon Prep and Launch
8:09-11:24 Tracking the Balloon
11:25-13:32 Retreival
13:33-15:56 Flight
15:57-18:16 Data Overview and Ending
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