(We Caught Him!) 24 HR Stakeout Outside Hi5 Studios!

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Things are getting serious. With all of the pieces in place, the team is now staking out in order to catch the Stalker actually breaking into Hi5 Studios, armed to the teeth with cameras that can record the crime, and some snacks to calm the nerves. From the safety of Matt's (white panel) van, the formerly-mentioned CEO and Sam keep a look out from the ground while Woods takes to the "skies" to see if he can catch a glimpse from the roof. It seems like the perfect it isn't. Of course, things aren't always what they seem with this mysterious force and even though the team prepared as much as they could for this encounter, it just wasn't enough in the end.

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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:42 - Pre-Game Recap - Another play-by-play of the previous episode and what the team decided on that lead them to this situation. They also prepare themselves (and the audience) for what they're about to do.
04:51 - Video Evidence - While making the decision about how to film the Stalker and his nefarious deeds, Woods is volunteered to get an arial perch from the roof. There might also be some throw-backs.
08:14 - To The Van! - Outside in the studio parking lot, armed with snacks and a ladder, the team tries to settle their nerves before the Stalker arrives.
11:21 - Starting To Get - The team does a run-around with the van around the parking lot to make sure that it's as empty as possible, all while hoping the Stalker doesn't dive-bomb from the sky to sneak into the studio.
12:05 - Time For A Snack Break - The team chows down on some snacks in a rare moment of levity. They discuss some more about what the Stalker wants in the end and what they need to be prepared for, especially when it comes to Woods on the roof.
18:17 - Woods Is Ascending - With a jacket to stay warm, a walkie-talkie to communication with the rest of the team and a good attitude and disposition, Woods embarks up the ladder and onto the roof.
23:03 - In Position - With the lights and ignition off, the van is now in position to keep an eye out for anything creepy that might be occurring.
25:30 - Lighten The Mood, Anyone? - Sam tries to start a game of twenty questions, with Woods included from his look-out post. It ends up with the team just talking about themselves and their likes to try and calm the nerves.
31:59 - He's
34:54 - NEXT Time

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