Trying the BTS k-boppers ARMY meal from McDonald's

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Trying the BTS k-boppers Army meal from McDonald's
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I'm trying the famous south korea food called kpop food. this is bts meal from mcdonalds and this is my review. it's popular with kpop fans and people who like kpop music. and if you like bts music you will like the bts food. this is my first time trying the bts meal from mcdonalds with orlin. Yes Orlin is back. he's being mean and i'm having a meltdown breakdown. we are going to divorce and have a break up. But before you see me fighting with him and breaking up with him, i'm going to be eating this meal which is similar to the travis scott travis scabs travis scooter meal! This is their bts army music and ARMY stew like in Korea for the koreans, Army food.
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