TOP 15 TATTOO DESIGNS you can Draw Right NOW!

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My Top 15 Tattoo design tutorials of 2021 you can try right now, all got full length tutorials for them you can easy draw along with!

Learn How to Draw Out a Tattoo Design with these drawing tutorial, done on paper with pencil pen and markers making it super easy to follow along.

I've got about 14 years experience tattooing and tattoo many different tattoo designs in different styles from Old School Traditional, Neo Traditional, Japanese, New School and Realistic. Drawing a tattoo design in a different style requires very different approaches but lucky enough I break these down into easy to follow guides showing you how to draw old school, how to draw neo traditional/Japanese etc is very simple steps and understanding how you did it and what makes them look that way. I teach both how to draw on paper and how to draw on procreate as well

I have hundreds of tattoo drawing tutorials covering as much as I can and I do take request, so if there is something you are struggling with or want to have a better understanding of just let me know. the broken puppet is here to help.

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