The Rise and Fall of DEAD SPACE (Part 1)

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Dead Space came crashing onto the scene in 2008 with one purpose: to be the most frightening game ever made. Set in the dark recesses of space aboard a derelict ship, this stunning third-person shooter was dripping with atmospheric dread and grimy sci-fi body horror. Developed by the California-based EA Redwood Shores, who would later be known as Visceral Games, Dead Space would become synonymous with horror gaming as the industry pushed into the high-definition era of seventh-generation home consoles.

Drenched with accolades and acclaim, a sequel was inevitable, and arrived three years after the release of the original. With a grander display of gore and marking a steady shift from survival-horror to action-based gameplay, Dead Space 2 was just as well-received as its predecessor, further cementing the series' legacy. The third game in the franchise, Dead Space 3, would release just two years later, but saw weaker success, with many considering it a step backwards for the series.
Plagued by interference from the game's publisher, Electronic Arts, this final entry would be the proverbial nail in the coffin for the franchise, straying from its survival-horror roots in favor of mainstream trends and franchise accessibility.

As we examine the legacy of this trilogy, it becomes clear that even the best foundations can be soured by misguided oversight.

Hey guys what’s happening? Niyat here with film comics explained and today we’re exploring how one of gaming's best and brightest intellectual properties fell from grace. This is Part 1 of the Rise and Fall of Dead Space.

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