The Most ANNOYING Bedwars Player...

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My Viewers Controlled My Bedwars


???? Texture pack - flora 16x by @Looshy
???? My Lunar Client Cloak -
???? EDITED BY - Meltdown & @Joopidge on Twitter

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Today I played and streamed Hypixel Bedwars but we played against a very annoying Bedwars player! This player had Diamond Armour, a diamond sword, and more! For those who are wondering who I am, my name is Meltdown and I make Bedwars content on YouTube and Twitch! My videos are very similar to other YouTubers like Wallibear, Hannahxxrose, Purpled, and more! This was very fun and chaotic, but also very hard. Did I destroy the annoying bedwars Watch until the end to find out :) ENJOY!!!

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