THE CROWN Season 5 And 6: Everything We Know | Release Date, New Cast, Time Setting, Story & More

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THE CROWN Season 5 And 6: Everything We Know | Release Date, New Cast, Time Setting, Story & More. We breakdown what we know about the upcoming season of The Crown on Netflix. This includes the time setting, cast, release date and more.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the guy who's always down with the crown and this video we're taking everything we know about the upcoming season.

Season 4 ended with a somber focus on Diana as well as the flash of a camera bulb, something that would likely be seen by the real life figure upon her death in Paris.

We also watched her stand in front of deer horns which symbolically represented several things. Not only was it meant to symbolise how she was viewed as a saint by the public but a devil by the family, it also showcased how she would be hunted by the press for the rest of her life.

Deer hunting was actually something that she did with Charles and as deers grow older their horns do too. I think these little metaphors in the finale definitely hint where things will be going for Season 5 and we can read quite a lot into them.

Now Season 4 ended in Christmas of 1990 and like most Crown seasons we are getting a new cast and a time jump.

Though we don't know for definite, we will most likely pick up in 1992 which is quite a significant year for the royal family. Not only was there a massive fire at Windsor Castle, this year also contained the divorce of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, Prince Andrew and Fergie along with the seperation of Charles and Diana.

So a lot of things going on in this timeframe that involve our key characters and thus we can assume that it will likely kickstart here.

Now Diana and Charles, though seperated were still both inline for the throne. It was said that though they weren't together that Diana would still be Queen however, the pair officially divorced in 1996 which changed a lot of things.

Now what could cause a lot of tension around this time is that Diana was very much openly discussing the Royal affairs in public and she even held an interview with Martin Bashir that brought light to a lot of things.

There was also the publication of Diana: Her True story in which Lady Di had sent numerous tapes to Andrew Morton, detailing a lot of private matters and her most personal moments amongst the Windsors.

This of course can provide a lot of plot motifs going forward but I think that the main focus of the season will of course be her death in 1997.

Alongside her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, Diana was killed in a Parisian car accident when trying to escape the press. Now this really shocked the nation and I think if you were alive during it you can probably remember where you were when it happened. My family aren't even really into the Royal family but I do vividly remember them being extremely upset over the death of Diana who was very much viewed as The People's princess.

Harry recently spoke out about how the press stood there taking photographs of her as she lay dying and it's a really harrowing thing to discuss that I'm sure the show will focus on.

This is one of the most tragic moments in Royal history and it really changed the family as they had to deal with mourning someone that they hadn't been that favourable over in recent years.

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