The 11 Outer Space Godzilla Kaiju Explained

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In this video, we shall showcase to you all the 11 space kaiju that have been seen in the Godzilla franchise. Godzilla himself is an underwater kaiju, for most of his incarnations that is. There are also ancient kaiju and flying ones, but out of the most dangerous and the most utilized are the space kaiju. The thing is that since they are from outer space, their origin stories and intentions towards planetary domination has always been easy to explain. And did you know that among these monsters on the list, is one that even dwarfs Godzilla earth in size and we shall dive more into that in another video. So among these creatures, most of them are aliens while some of them are mutated Godzilla cells and Godzilla alien hybrids.
SpaceGodzilla is one of the most intelligent of Godzilla's foes in the series, showing planned combat strategy. He looks very similar to Godzilla in many ways, with a navy-blue skin and also reddish in some parts. Orga is a hulking monstrosity possessing Godzilla's strength and enhanced regenerative abilities. One of the most famous of the space aliens in the Godzilla franchise, he is a cybernetically enhanced kaiju of the Nebulan aliens. This kaiju is Gigan and he is one of the recurring villains of Godzilla alongside mechagodzilla and ghidorah. Ghidorah is an evil space monster responsible for wiping out all life on many planets across the universe. Earth is just one of his targets, but he is usually opposed by Godzilla, as well as other monsters like Mothra and Rodan. Hedorah was one of many monsters under the control of the Xiliens, but his origin and how he came under the Xiliens' control is never explained. He hs four forms and the final one resembles … well….resembles nothing normal at all. Desghidorah is an alien creature and gains power from destroying and feeding off of the life energies of the planets in ravages. It arrived in the Solar System 65 million years ago, and cleansed Mars of life before moving onto Earth. Monster X is a bipedal creature with an exoskeleton-like armored skin. He possesses two small half-skulls on his shoulders and a long black forked tail. He also has red eyes, a skeletal face, and long spikes on the top of his head. Dogora is a space cell that lived in the Earth's upper atmosphere. The cell was exposed to a huge cloud of radiation located in the atmosphere over Japan, causing it to mutate rapidly. . Magita is very similar in appearance to its beta Trilopod brethren, but is considerably more massive, completely dwarfing Godzilla and his allies. Megalon was a gigantic insectoid being that lives deep underground in the subterranean kingdom of Seatopia And was seen as the Seatopians' god. , the original mechagodzilla was not a creation of humanity but on an alien species and thus he was brought to earth from outer space.

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