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Welcome to the Team Affinity Season 4 (TA4) Episode of The Lead Off, where we focus on content and community for MLB® The Show™ 21. Be sure to subscribe to our channel now so that you don't miss next month's episode.

See who the NEW Legend is, several TA4 ???? reveals (+attributes), ???? how to earn those TA4 ????s, ????get a rundown of new content, and ????try to answer Ben GC’s baseball trivia!

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00:00 The Lead Off: Team Affinity Season 4

01:20 Best In Show
For this episode's Best In Show segment we brought you some of our own community’s Future Stars & Legends to reveal some TA4 ????s. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channels for more of their content!
Ashley Sanders:

04:36 Sprint Through w/Scuffy McGee
Now that we know who the rewards are in TA4, Scuffy McGee will give us a fast-paced overview on how to earn them. You can find Scuffy's podcast, Inside The Show, here: or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. Subscribe to it so that you don't miss a single episode.

06:35 Rounding The Bases
See some of the freshest content that you can collect, earn, and play!

09:30 Special Delivery New Legend Reveal
There is one new Legend to be found among the TA4 rewards. His first appearance in MLB The Show 21 is a POWERHOUSE of a player item. You're definitely going to want him on your squad. Check it out!

10:56 The Scouting Report
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