STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 10 Breakdown & References!

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Emperor Georgiou learns more about the plot against her. Greg breaks down the plot and Easter eggs from Season 3, Episode 10: "Terra Firma, Part 2".

In Terra Firma, Part 2, Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) is determined to get Terran Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) to come back to her side. She has her put through the agonizer for months. Detmer tells Michael that Lorca has disappeared and is not coming for her. Michael finally kneels to Georgiou and promises to kill her co-conspirators. Unfortunately, Michael turns on Georgiou again and they must fight to the death (again).

This brings Georgiou back to the prime universe, and we learn the truth about Carl. He has gone into hiding since the Temporal Wars. Meanwhile on the Discovery, Book helps Adira and Stamets by providing them tech from the Emerald Chain. Vance isn't happy to learn about this, and believes Saru withheld information about the Kelpien ship.

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