Space Motion @ Urban Fitness 2020

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???? Urban Fitness Hangar Gym - Jasmina Aleksandrov

???? VIDDIM Production - Dusan Dimic

???? DKlight

01. Space Motion - Kalina (Intro)
02. Space Motion & Kashovski - Another Chance [Space Motion Records]
03. Space Motion - Esto Es Tulum [Space Motion Records]
04. Space Motion - Tribe [MNL Records]
05. Space Motion - Karma [Space Motion Records]
06. Space Motion - Right On [Timeless Moment]
07. Space Motion - Hingo [Space Motion Records]
08. Space Motion - Alien [Space Motion Records]
09. Space Motion & Stylo - Sunshine [Space Motion Records]
10. Space Motion - Biorhythm [Space Motion Records]
11. Space Motion - Bombaya [Space Motion Records]
12. Space Motion & Stylo - Wrong or Right [Space Motion Records]
13. Vanco & Cee Elassaad Feat. Lizwi - Zamekile (Kintar Remix) [Sudam]
14. Space Motion - Playground [Space Motion Records]
15. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Space Motion Remix) [Unreleased]

Just when you need it right?
We know, we know.

This strange time has shaken us all some more, some less but we must not forget to have fun and dance with good energy and music.

Space Motion pushes boundaries again and makes something timeless and different, all with his own songs. This mix is, in addition to the fact that the sound and technique itself is a musical art, but the inspiration for all to move as much as possible and stay in shape both mentally and physically.
Don't lose your fitness friends because good parties are just yet to come!

This music set was recorded in Serbia in the capital Belgrade at the Hangar gym. Who wouldn't want it to be right there right now!

Thanks Space Motion.
We can't wait for the next set!
Let's imagine how powerfully we swing with the rhythm all together.

Long live friends with good health and rhythm!
Your Progressive astronaut






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