Space Ambient Mix 50 - DeepMind Contemplation by Pulse Mandala

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Like a meandering river in an alien landscape, this evolving soundscape explores altered visions within a momentary droplet of space time continuum. Facilitated by means of deep reflection and thoughtful observation, the mind’s eye will reveal the inner path through intuition, transcendent of the intellect.

Pulse Mandala returns to the source, to the fabric of space and time itself connecting to the fundamental essence of life: Vibration. The transformative power of this paradigm transports to inner and outer space, reaching out to other worlds, both real and imagined.

These are ambitious soundscapes, free from the weight of the world with a serious sense of play that is abstract yet deeply personal.

The compositions range from delicate shimmering auroras to experimental and sometimes apocalyptic themes. Like being drawn into a vortex, Pulse Mandala empowers a sense of cosmic space, from slow and majestic to acceleration towards an omega point of transcendence.

Electronic artist Wim Daans is the driving force behind Pulse Mandala. He started out in the dark eighties with Belgian new wave band The Arch as keyboard player and composer. In the nineties he joined the ranks of bands like Lords of Acid, Poesie Noire, Darling Nikkie, Luc van Acker and Praga Khan, touring the world playing synths in the underground scene. In between tours he also worked on his own solo project Karma de la Luna that became an established name in the Ambient scene and released the cult classic Travel Without Moving.

Today, with his latest project Pulse Mandala, Wim uses modular synthesis techniques to compose generative patches, otherworldly sound textures and shifting patterns that behave like a self-contained ecosystem for the listener to explore.

Few words about JediMaster (Creator of the channel):

Hi, I'm JediMaster (Jerry Gidelski) and I am a music producer and sound engineer from Poland, Wroclove. I have been professionally exploring and developing my electronic music skills & knowledge since the year 2009, but music has been a very important element of my life since the very childhood. I have graduated from a Music School achieving the 1st and 2nd degrees according to the Yamaha Program (in 2004), as well a Music Production Course at Wroclaw’s School of Music Production in my hometown (in 2015). My most recent meaningful accomplishment was graduating from the Wroclaw’s School of Modern Music, achieving an official degree and becoming a Sound Engineer (in 2018). Even though I myself produce Psychedelic Trance, the main genres I share on YouTube are Ambient & Space Ambient. Having that said, I am running an active YouTube channel where one can find loads & loads of incredible music released by artists from all around the Globe. All music on my channel is available to listen for free. If you want to support me, you can share any amount through PayPalMe:

If You're an Ambient Space music Producer and would like to share it, message me. I can use Your album in the next mix. I accept only real Space Ambient Music. Without explicit rhythm and percussion. Only truth sounds and vibrations of the Cosmos :)

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