So Fracture might be the best map for Jett...

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Is the *NEW* Map FRACTURE on Valorant, Jett's BEST Map? It's not the best for Jett Super Dash but it is the best for playing Jett how she should be played, and by doing normal Aggressive Jett plays. This map is a lot of fun and Fracture will change Valorant forever, I really like the structure of this map, and it's going to change peoples playstyles, like mine on Jett. I hope you enjoy this Jett Fracture Gameplay where I hit some pretty nuts Jett Highlights whilst playing with Flights, AverageJonas and even the Jett VA Shannon! (but she was lagging as you'll see in the video loool)

What Fracture Content are you excited to see? I'm going to Joust my opponents in ranked KEKW.

The content ideas I have for Fracture currently are:
Funny Fracture Moments.
Full Fracture Gameplay
More Fracture Jett Highlights
Fracture EXPLOITS?!

Let me know what you want to see on the *NEW* Map FRACTURE

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Super Dash Jett DOMINATES *NEW* Map FRACTURE on Valorant
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