Season of Mastery SERVERS Announced - Choosing A Server in Fresh Classic WoW Season of Mastery!

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We have official Fresh Classic WoW Server Names as Season of Mastery Servers Announced by Blizzard in a Bluepost a couple of days ago! Just in time for the Name Reservation for Season of Mastery! Today we are looking at the Season of Mastery Server Announcement and looking what what will be the Most Popular Season of Mastery Server based on statistics provided to us by Reddit Polls where people have voted on which Season of Mastery Server they are going to play on, aswell as which Faction they will play, ultimately giving us all the insights we need for Season of Mastery Servers! This will serve as a Server Picking Guide for Season of Mastery, and the point of this video is to help you Choosing A Server in Fresh Classic WoW Season of Mastery!

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With the Season of Mastery Server Announcements we now have the Official Names for the NA Servers and EU Servers for Season of Mastery, so you can find a guild & community on the server you want to play on before launch!

EU Server Statistics:
NA Server Statistics:
Server Discords:

0:00 Choosing A Server in Fresh Classic WoW Season of Mastery
1:35 Season of Mastery Servers Announced
3:00 Season of Mastery US Servers
4:00 Season of Mastery Europe Servers
6:00 The Most Popular Server in Season of Mastery
7:30 PvP Server vs PvE Server Season of Mastery
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