Season of Dreams ULTIMATE Guide — Sky: Children of the Light

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Hi everyone! The Season of Dreams is upon us! Try and get the ultimate prizes: the Phoenix cape and mask!

In this video I will be showing you what the season of dreams is, the seasonal accessory which allows you to unlock more items, , gives you one daily candle for free and 20 bonus candles once you purchase it. I’ll be showing you the locations of the seasonal spirits, what the fully upgraded emotes look like!

Remember that you can find 5 candles per day, and 6 with the accessory

0:05 Seasonal Cutscene

2:50 Cosmetics Showcase

8:05 Star / Winged Light locations
1- 8:30
2- 8:50
3- 9:50
4- 11:15
5- 11:55

12:10 Collecting Spirits
Spinning Mentor/Spin emote
Peeking Postman/Peek emote
Dancing Performer/Performance emote
Bearhug Hermit/Bearhug emote

22:30 Constellation recap

24:00 Upgraded Emote Showcase

26:00 Music Sheets


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