Sea of Dunes ???? Exploring Negative Space in Acrylic Pouring and Tips for Beautiful Basecoats!

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Hello Friends! Welcome back! Tonight we are continuing to explore negative space, with another ring pour. One of the main things we will be talking about is the basecoat. My last pour, Floating Galaxy, was so pretty but I wasnt happy with the basecoat. Tonight I am determined to do it better and share some tips with you along the way! Lets get started!

- Prussian Blue
- Titanium White
- Bronze
Folk Art Treasure Gold
- Blue Quartz plus
Vallejo Pearl Medium
to thicken

Pouring Medium:
Liquitex Gloss Medium
Paint + a bit of Water
There is NO Silicone
in Any of My Paint.

My basecoat is my leftover turquoise from Floating Galaxy, and the leftover Prussian blue. I have added more floetrol and water to thin it out. I want this to spread out easily while tilting. I don't want to have to use a spatula to smooth it out. I want it perfect after tilting it.

I start by painting the sides of my canvas with the Prussian blue, straight from the tub of paint. I haven't mixed it with anything, I'm using a wedge foam brush to apply the color. I put on a few thin coats and let them dry in between applications.
The point of painting the sides first is so that they will be covered even though you aren't tilting all four sides. The basecoat we are using is thin, and thus semi transparent, so having the edge pre-painted eliminates concerns about white canvas showing thru sheer paint. Next time I intend to pre paint a bigger strip around the perimeter to avoid the color variations I talk about in the video. I really learned a lot in this pour about getting the basecoat I want. Most of it is in preparation, and the correct consistency.

For a 24x24 inch canvas you need 21 ounces of paint to cover the canvas. I am intentionally only using 14 or 15 ounces because I don't want too much paint left in the center of the canvas, and I'm not tilting and spreading the paint to all 4 sides.

After the pour I feel as if there needs to be more Prussian blue in the center so I add a few ounces to a cup and pour that right in the middle. I'm much happier with the contrast now but that few ounces of paint could be a problem.

When I'm ready to tilt, I pick my least favorite corner and tilt to that corner first. I intentionally lose a few ounces of paint over the corner to make up for that small second cup I poured.

I tilt to one corner, back to the middle and then the opposite corner. Its looking good! My edges and sides are nice and smooth and dont need any attention from a spatula.
I show you the dried results on my studio table and then I take it outside in the sun to show you the I really love this piece. It reminds me of the Planet Tatooine from Star Wars LOL


How I Mix My Paint tutorial:



Omelet Turner (spatula)

Cups 16 oz

Giant Push Pins

Liquitex Gloss Medium

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