SCP-3008 "The Endless Ikea" vs GunWoman - SCP-Foundation vs The Gun-Union | Minecraft Animation

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Meanwhile deep in space, The Alien Civilization called "Gun-Union" took a long journey to earth for a visit after each 20 years, Once in earth, they saw a facility next to them, named "SCP-Foundation", The GunMen knew what the SCP-Foundation was, and during their last visit, they did not have a good time with them at all, although about some miles away, they saw a Store they haven't seen before their previous visits on earth, So The GunMen about a week after setting some plans, during a cold night they decided to discover and investigate the store to check it out and discover what they sell inside, but it turns out there was way more than they expected. Hope you guys enjoyed this video!!! Smash like! Hit subscribe and activate that little bell icon to NEVER Miss any of my videos!!! ;D

GunMan & GunWoman rigs By RoboDragon11:

SCP-3008-2 Staff Rigs by Baby Dusky:


Music By ReveX (Mirrored Psychopathy)

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i don't condone real life/physical violence of any kind. all violence that's shown in this video are currently FICTIONAL and in an artistic context.
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