PiRATE iSLAND the CARTOON!! it’s a Battle for Beach Treasure! with Pirate Dad vs Fairy Adley in 3D

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OUR FIRST 3D ANIMATED EPISODE IS HERE!! And we’re so excited that we can share it with you!! Shaun, Jenny, Adley, Niko, and Navey Mcbride are excited to show you one of their original Adley Stories. It’s Pirates vs Fairies and a battle for buried treasure on the beach!! Join Fairy Adley as she gathers food for all of her fairy friends while Pirate Dad and his first mate Chuck the Skeleton have a good time on their ship! Chuck ultimately crashes their boat on a Fairy Island. Pirate Dad springs into action to hide all of his treasure so that Fairy Adley doesn’t take his gold!! When Adley saw the Pirate Ship wreck she knew she had to go check it out!! As she was being super sneaky, so she didn’t get caught, Pirate Dad was hiding under the deck waiting to catch a fairy!! When Adley was close enough, Dad jumped out and grabbed on to her leg!! They were having their very own Beach Battle for Treasure!! Adley tried to use her Magic Wings to fly away but Dad ripped the wings off and they floated down to the beach slowly. The Pirate then took the Fairy to jail and locked her up so she couldn't escape!! Adley searched high and low in the cell and found some keys hidden away. She now could make the ultimate escape! All she had to do now was get her keys and fly away. Little did she know that Pirate Shaun was keeping a look out and had some Root Beer Bombs on hand. With some fancy flying maneuvers, she barely escaped with some treasure but she wanted to go back so that she could apologize to Pirate Dad and that they could be friends. She just needed to bring him a gift so that he would forgive her. She searched the island and the ship for some good food as a gift. She also wanted the inside of the boat to be decorated as a Fairy Pirate Ship!! She used some of her favorite things to decorate with, like a new hat for the Pirates, Fairy Wings for the wall, and even a Quarter Machine in the corner as a surprise!! When she was done with the inside of the boat, she delivered the food to Pirate Dad and they realized that they could be best friends!!

It has been the ultimate journey telling the story of one of our favorite Adley Videos with this new medium!! We’re so excited to share more 3D episodes with you!! We are also excited to be providing 3D assets from the episode, in the form of NFTs, through our new project Quarter Machine!

For a sneak peak of our next episode be sure to join Shaun Mcbride and his Family on the A for Adley animation video --
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