Oversimplified SCP Chapter 5 - SCP-504: Critical Tomatoes (SCP Foundation Comic Dub) (SCP Comic)

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We learn about he dangers of SCP-682 one of the most dangerous SCP's in the

Thanks to 松(A・TYPEcorp.) & SCP Foundation Writers for letting me dub there comic follow them here:

Fanbox for the Author:
English translation can be found here:

All art is owned by TYPEcorp

☆Narrator- Cougar MacDowal :D

Ronald follow him and his dubs here:

Big SCP-999 and 682 animation is in the works and I know you all are gonna love it! Probably one of the biggest projects I've worked on! So got a huge puppet show in the works Godzilla puppet show and Jurassic park/Jurassic World shows have kinda joined together and become one giant puppet show project. Also working on as SCP Foundation and Sirenhead puppet shows they will be allot like SML's Jeffy, Are U Super Cereal, and Shark Puppet. But in the mean time, we have more Godzilla comic dubs, Steven Universe Future, Steven Universe, The Owl House, and so many more comic projects in the works. I also am making three SCP Foundation animations similar to the The Rubbers videos. I cannot wait to show you so much of what I'm working on, I really hope you all enjoy.

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For you all that wanted to see the English translated version, here the link:

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