Origins (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.16.5 | Fabric)

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The Origins mod lets you start the game as a chosen race, or origin as they are called here. Each origin grants their own set of abilities, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses!

Here's a link to Origins:
Here's a link to Extra Origins:
Here's a link to Origins: Classes:

The mod (Origins) version covered in this video is for Minecraft (Java Edition).

0:00 - Overview
1:25 - Avian
2:15 - Arachnid
2:58 - Elytrian
4:20 - Shulk
5:12 - Feline
6:16 - Enderian
7:11 - Merling
8:08 - Phantom
9:06 - Blazeborn
10:04 -
10:16 - Tweaking existing origins and adding new ones
11:43 - Origins: Classes

Origins and Origins: Classes are both developed by Apace100.
Extra Origins is developed by MoriyaShiine.

"Avian" skin made by Teddy (Planet Minecraft) -
"Arachnid" skin made by floffypus (Planet Minecraft) -
"Elytrian" skin made by powerwolf345 (Planet Minecraft) -
"Shulk" skin made by ShulkerHD (Planet Minecraft) -
"Feline" skin made by Betonamu Nihon (Planet Minecraft) -
"Enderian" skin made by Kefka (Planet Minecraft) -
"Merling" skin made by frorgi (Planet Minecraft) -
"Phantom" skin made by TarrPupirka (Planet Minecraft) -
"Blazeborn" skin made by DiamondGal38 (Planet Minecraft) -

Music used:
Cat by C418 (Minecraft)
Ocean by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Windy Day by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Space Day by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Ocean Night by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Town Night by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Crimson by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Chirp by C418 (Minecraft)
The Giants' Lair by Tristan Alric (Bug Fables)
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