*New* Map Fracture against Valorant Streamers ft. Flights, Flexinja, Bnans +++

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INSANE Sova plays on the *New* Map Fracture against Valorant Streamers
I've had the opportunity to play on the new map FRACTURE with other Valorant streamers the past few days and here are the highlights! In this video I play with EU streamers first w/ Flights, Flexinja (likes to play on EU???), HowToNoodle, Grayfps and more. In the second half of the video you will see me *TRY* to play with 170 ping on NA servers, lucky me I made new friends so that's all that matters: Bnans, Shroud, Sydeon, iiTztimmy, Justin, Shawn and more!

I also have a second channel if you're into Valorant highlights, Valorant Shorts, Music covers & Variety games. We will be uploading more long format videos on there too!

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