My POV: Sniping/Trolling SammyGreen! (UNCUT)

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*I do not own any music in this video

Apology for the awful music and editing. I just used whatever music was on my desktop

His POV:

Client: Badlion and
Alt: From thealtening

Note: Hypixel admins are not bad, there is currently no denick hack. There is no corrupt admin, it was a mod who told me the nick and told me he was online. That is all he did.

I expect this alt to be banned. It's sad I was able to fly hack for like a month on it and it only has a chance to get banned now that I cheated on yt ranks.

Hypixel mods are also bad. I built a PP in a doubles game with my friend. He got banned for 7 days for bad build even though I was the one who built them on my charlieomgnone alt.
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