Mount LOSES Young Player Of The Season! | Spurs BOTTLE Conte & Arsenal Lose Buendia To ASTON VILLA!

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Manchester City made easy work of this year’s Premier League, and while Chelsea prevented them from doing an annoying quadruple, their consistent quality throughout most of the season (except maybe at the very start) had been undeniable. Accordingly, they’ve also swept the Premier League awards, which were announced earlier today.
The beaten Champions League finalists claimed all three of the big ones, with Pep Guardiola named Manager of the Season, Rúben Dias named Player of the Year, and teammate Phil Foden named Young Player of the Year.
Chelsea’s own Mason Mount was nominated for both of the player awards, but lost out on both them. It was certainly an honor just to be nominated for Player of the Season, but we figured he had a good chance of actually winning the Young Player of the Season award. Alas. (Not that Foden is an undeserving recipient; far from it.)

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