Mortal Kombat/God Of War - Who The Hell Is Kratos? The Forgotten Guest Character!

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Hey guys!

welcome to yet another Mortal Kombat video!

Now In todays Who The Hell Instalment, I thought that today we could do little bit of an unauthorised character for this one episode, And It will be on non other then the very first guest character In MKs history, the God Of War himself Kratos.

Now before we jump Into what made Kratos so unique In the world of Mortal kombat (In terms of lore and gameplay), lets actually talk about the Ghost Of Sparta himself… but before you know, before he was busy tangling himself up In the likes of Midguard and bringing on the likes of Raganrok!

I really hope you enjoy this video and learned more about his inclusion In MK9, I really do feel like he is a really unique character In the universe of MK with his really phenomenal tool kit that Is sadly looked down upon due to not being a horror guest character!

With that said, what video game character do you wanna see next In MK?
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