Minecraft Non-Euclidean Builds & Create Mod Machines | Daily Dose of Minecraft

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Minecraft Non-Euclidean Builds & Create Mod Machines in this Daily Dose of Minecraft Episode, as well as datapacks and the immersive portal mod.
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In this daily dose of Minecraft episode, we feature some amazing new mods and data packs such as the non-euclidean mod which seems to be taking the community by storm these past weeks.

We also show off some new parkour used with the create mod as well as the non-euclidean mod.

(1) I created a distance fading shader effect in vanilla snapshot 21w11a! Created By onnowhere

(2) This Minecart rail will go on forever! Made using my Omnichunk mod Created By Quillbee-MC

(3) Mob Torture Created By FNItsLegend

(4) i made a automatic cake maker with the create mod Created By 1robor

(5) I cant stop making totem texture packs Created By DoonleEatsLimbs

(6) non-euclidean Minecraft, heres a house that actually contains itself forever. Created By LennyTheSniper

(7) I decided to try this non-euclidean parkour Im particularly proud of that ending :) Created By MaddsCraft

(8) i tried redesigning the desert temple without changing its vanilla style/aesthetic Created By lysxander

(9) This village is extremely Created By ALionWithStripes

(10) I made a functional arcade game in Minecraft! Created By spacegame202

(11) Moving Off-Grid Blocks Using a Datapack I Made. Created By -Lastered

(12) I dont know if its useful or not, but I made a corridor of death. Created By TrumpetSolo93

(13) Created By Haelsolomon

(14) I spent almost 2 days on this project. If you could hike me some feedback that would be great. Created By GraveZecYT

(15) I snuck into my friends base and built a secret house under a secret bunker under a secret base under his base. Heres me speedrunning it Created By Oyff

(16) Minecraft but the blocks are giant Created By KevinJNguy01

(17) I see your pig wave and raise you a bedrock wave! Created By Future-Frost

(18) having a lot of fun with Immersive Created By blockifyYT

0:00 Daily Dose Introduction
0:25 A distance fading Shader pack
0:44 Omnichunk mod minecart track.
1:08 Skeletons being owned with frostwalker enchantment
1:23 Create Mod Cake Making Machine
1:47 Custom Totem Animation Resource Pack
2:01 Non-Euclidean Mod House Demo
2:35 Minecraft Non-euclidean mod parkour
3:15 Desert Temple Redesign
3:43 Confusing Village Immersive Portals
4:08 Working arcade machine in Minecraft
4:24 Datapack Moving Blocks
4:49 Corridor of Lava Trap Design
5:05 A golem just trying to help
5:16 Awesome Nether to overworld portal
5:26 10 Hidden bases hidden under a friends base
6:03 Giant Minecraft Blocks
6:30 Pig Wave but with bedrock
6:50 Amazing Immersive portal trippy house showcase

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