Mila and Morphle and the Dinosaur Race! | Jurassic Tv | Dinosaurs and Toys | T Rex Family Fun

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Ready, steady, go! Will Morphle will the Dinosaur Race? Keep watching to see more of Mila and Morphle's fun adventures for kids!

Jurassic TV is home to the very best Dinosaur videos! We have cool and scary dinosaurs for all your Dino needs! Toy Dinosaurs, Flying Dinosaurs, even Funny Dinosaurs, we have it all!

Watch fun toy unboxing, and opening videos of new dinosaur toys, and much more!

Check out these amazing playlists!:

00:00 The Dinosaur Race
04:04 Revisiting The Toy Dinosaurs
06:02 Easter 4: Painting Dinosaur Eggs
10:16 The Dinosaur Park
14:33 The Dino Egg
21:11 Dino Army
26:43 Revisiting The Toy Dinosaurs

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