Mercedes GLE 63S AMG | This Won't End

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We review the 2021 Mercedes AMG E63 S Coupe. The sports car, SUV, and, Coupe market have merged into these luxury barges with high price tags. The performance of the Mercedes is absurd yet we are left with questions. We discuss the good and bad of this $135,000 "beast." Other vehicles to consider are the Porsche Cayenne, Audi RSQ8, BMW M Coupe, Tesla Model Y, and Durango Hellcat. When you shop and compare cars what will you choose?

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00:00 - 04:37 Intro and Interior Impressions
4:37 - 11:24 Technical Impressions, Engine, Transmission, and Suspension
11:24 - 17:06 Driving Impressions
17:06 Final Thoughts and Audio Tests
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