MARINER OF THE SEAS 2020 - Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas Just Before Everything Stopped

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Our special guests, Holly and Andrew, share their experience on the Mariner of the Seas right before cruising from the United States stopped in 2020. Holly and Andrew have shared many travel adventures on their YouTube channel (see below for the link), but, in 2020, they were on one of the last Royal Caribbean cruises from the United State. Join us as they tell us about their experience on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas as they cruised to the Bahamas. They share how the cruise experience was different due to the impending threat of the CDC's No Sail order. They tell us about the mood of the ship. They also tell us what they liked about Mariner of the Seas and what was fun about their Perfect Day at Coco Cay. Hear their review of Mariner of the Seas and Coco Cay, and we might jump in and compare our experiences, as we cruised on Mariner of the Seas about a month before them. Join us, and our special guests, as we talk about taking a cruise on Royal Caribbean in early 2020.

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0:00 Intro
7:05 Welcome Holly and Andrew
11:00 Mariner during COVID
14:45 Mariner and family group cruises
17:25 Mariner as the pandemic developed
21:31 Coco Cay food
25:50 Mariner activities
27:09 Coco Cay activities
32:00 Mariner balcony room
34:39 Cute dog alert!
38:57 Greek cruise on the Celebrity Infinity
42:13 Holly and Andrew's YouTube travel vlogs
48:36 Croatia and Greece
53:13 Mariner debarking during COVID pandemic
57:39 Upcoming on Cruise Day Fun

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