Keemstar's Minecraft Monday Bungle! Reacting to "The Rise, Fall, & End of Minecraft Monday" - Zyphon

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I'm late to Keemstar and the Minecraft Monday train. I know. As a fan of both @Technoblade and @DramaAlert I wasn't sure where I'd come out. Today I react to "The Rise, Fall, and End of Minecraft Monday - A Documentary about Keemstar's Minecraft Tournament" by @Zyphon. I GO IN on Keemstar at times for some of the things I wish had been fixed. This incredible documentary looks at the setup for this awesome event, and how it ultimately would come to an end. Make sure to comment to let me know what you want me to check out next!

First you had people like Techo, Skeppy, BadBoyHalo and other Minecraft YouTubers dominating. Then you had Keemstar claim the event wasn't financially viable for him. My reaction video looks at the progress of this event, changes that were made mid-stream, and more. I argue that the event COULD have been more financially viable were it marketed properly to sponsors, also that some changes may have allowed the event to carry on.

Ultimately I feel Keemstar didn't want to continue the event, and used that as the out for shutting things down. It did give way to the incredible Minecraft Championship series people love now, and built several careers along the way so it wasn't all bad. Or was it? Let me know with your comments and remember to SUBSCRIBE here to join The Good Times:

Don't forget to check out the original video here and show Zyphon some love: and thanks for stopping by I hope you have an awesome day! #minecraftmonday #minecraft #technoblade
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