Introducing Code With Me - Collaborative Coding

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Code With Me is JetBrains' collaborative development and pair programming service. Bundled with most IDEs, you can now share a project with others, and work on it together, in real time.

0:00 - Introduction
0:30 - Joining a session
0:48 - IDE features
1:00 - Collaborative editing and code insight
1:20 - Following participants
1:28 - Track changes
1:47 - Run and debug
2:02 - Testing
2:15 - Terminal access
2:28 - Permissions
2:43 - Security and on-premise server
3:00 - Wrapping up

No more repository downloading or pulling changes from someone else's branch. No more time spent on setting up an environment, fixing compile time exceptions, or dependency headaches to get to someone’s current project state. As a guest, you don’t even need a JetBrains IDE installed. Just click the link that the host has shared with you, and you’re all set.

Code With Me is perfect for pair programming, swarm programming, guiding and mentoring.

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