Imogen Heap - End of Year "The Gloves Are On" - Live improv and song requests session

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9:48 Live Improv
29:55 First Train Home
43:40 Speeding Cars
47:53 MI·MU Gloves vs. VR
52:00 VR Heapsters pictures
57:47 Leave Me To Love
1:05:00 Billsy Bainbridge Request Improv
1:18:21 Improv
1:25:30 Deal With it
1:46:21 Headlock
1:56:00 Last Night Of An Empire
2:20:57 Covid Jingle Bells
2:29:00 Dumbing Down Of Love
2:37:20 Improv on first key in the live chat

HEADPHONES ON PLEASE, I'm in STEREO! If you like what you hear TIP ME! if you'd like to request I sing a song, see below!

This will be my last live piano and voice improvisation of 2020. For you and I to enjoy and while we are at it, raise money for The Creative Passport.

For £100 I'll dedicate and sing any song of my own to whoever you like.

If you'd like to choose a song for me to play, PLEASE PUT THE NAME OF THE SONG IN THE GO FUND ME MESSAGE! - You can also just tip me simply because you're enjoying the show and/or want to support The Creative Passport ;)

The Creative Passport is a non-profit I founded. It is the missing piece to the century old puzzle of how to make the music industry work for every music maker. Sign up if you're a music maker and find out more on

If you have bags of time and want to rewatch our hours launch event you can do so here: OR, here's our much shorter 10 min explainer video and guide to signing up

Please share with music maker friends, it is for us after all!

LOTS of questions about the Gloves. Here is the website should you want to find out more or be tempted! ;)

Thank you! imogen x

I have my very own app now where I post blogs, new ideas, old demos, random other stuff that doesn't go up anywhere else and chat with other "Heapsters". £2/month or more if you can :)

Give a warm welcome to - a place for live shows, events & conferences.

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