How to Paint SPACE WOLVES for Warhammer 40k

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In this video we take a look and one of the classic armies of Warhammer 40000, the Space Wolves! We cover all the main colours you would use for this scheme to create a great looking army for your games of 40k.

Paints Used:
GW - Russ Grey
GW - Fenrisian Grey
GW - Black Templars Contrast
GW - Blood Angels Contrast
GW - Ulthuan Grey
GW - Rhinox Hide
GW - Ulthuan Grey
GW - Iyanden Yellow
GW - Seraphim Sepia
GW - Iron Warrior
GW - Ironbreaker
GW - Khorne Red
GW - Fire Dragon Bright
VMC - White
Monument - Bold Pyrolle Red
W&N - Paynes Grey
W&N - Burnt Umber
VMC - list key:

GW: Games workshop
VMC: Vallejo model colour
VMA: Vallejo model air
VGC: Vallejo game colour
VGA: Vallejo game air
VMCS: Vallejo metal colour series
S75: Scale 75
AK: AK Interactive
W&N: Winsor & Newton

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Wet Palette used:

Paint brushes used:

- Winsor & Newton Series 7 Watercolour and miniature
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