How to Draw Portraits on Toned Paper Step by Step | Notorious B.I.G. on Wake and Draw Wednesday

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Been a while since the Tupac Shakur drawing and finally I have Biggie Smalls on the Wake and Draw list! I needed to make it up to him so went extra and used toned paper, red pastel and charcoal white for the highlights. I mostly used the Loomis Method and a little of the Reilly Method too. I had a blast drawing Biggie and hope who ever wins the eBay art auction enjoys the drawing too! Click the link to see the Notorious Art Auction and throw down your bid if you like the drawing.

The Wake and Draw Art Auction is a fun way to support the channel. I very much appreciate you guys! Thank you for watching!

Photo Reference:

"I'm living everyday like a hustle
Another drug to juggle, another day, another struggle"

Loomis PDF Book

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Camera Sony ZV-1 (The White Bunny over my head):

Art Supplies Used:

Lightweight Drawing Board by Helix 18 x 24:

Charcoal Grey Toned Paper:

Red CarbOthello 1400/645 Pencil:

White Charcoal Pencil:

Kneaded Eraser:

Tombo Pen Eraser:
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