High-End AMD: Sapphire RX 6700 XT Nitro+ Tear-Down

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We're taking apart Sapphire's RX 6700 XT Nitro+ in this review, following-up our RX 6700 XT reference disassembly. The Nitro model is well-built, but teeters close to higher-end cards in price.
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Watch our AMD RX 6700 XT review:
Watch our AMD RX 6700 XT Reference card disassembly:

Our disassembly of the Sapphire RX 6700 XT Nitro+ closely analyzes the build quality, repairability of the card (excellent, by the way), the PCB choices, fan and cooler choices, and compares interesting thermal paste characteristic similarities against the reference model. The Sapphire card is built well, but its pricing -- as an unfortunate side effect -- will position it close enough to RTX 3070 or RX 6800 territory that it starts to become worth considering low-end cards in the next tier up. There's something to be said for a well-built card at a lower tier, though, and we'll explore that argument today.

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00:00 - Sapphire's RX 6700 XT Nitro+
03:03 - Fan Design on the Sapphire Nitro
05:49 - Removing the Cooler
08:16 - Finstack and Heatpipe Layout
13:41 - Backplate Removed & What's Underneath
16:47 - PCB Design & Differences
19:46 - More on the Heatsink & Fans
21:58 - Conclusion

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Tear-Down: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman
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