Godzilla vs Kong: Warbat and all Playmates Toys Reviewed!

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We review all the Godzilla vs Kong toys released so far, starting with Warbat and Fighter Jet Kong.

These action figures are from Playmates Toys, and are based on the upcoming 2021 movie Godzilla vs Kong.

The Godzilla vs Kong toys include:

- Warbat with Osprey

- Kong with Fighter Jet (closed mouth)

- Godzilla with Radio Tower

- Godzilla with Heat Ray

- Kong with Battle-Axe (open mouth)

- Skullcrawler with HEAV

- Giant Godzilla

- Giant Kong

- Mega Punching Kong with a soldier mini figure and a battle axe, plus twist body for battle action

- Mega Heat Ray Godzilla with a soldier mini figure and two heat rays, plus intense battle action

Theses toys are or will be sold at Walmart.

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