Elegy for the end is...TERRIBLE on venti...[Genshin Impact]

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hey welcome back, today i wanna talk about the new 5star bow
Elegy for the end, and how it is terrible for venti.

There is just so many problems with it. and making it not WORTH pulling in comparison to really good 5 star weapon, such as WGS or Homa unless you are an omega whale.

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00:00 intro
00:22 problem1: base stat
00:38 you DO NOT need ER on venti
02:06 it interesting effect
03:04 problem: venti's burst SNAPSHOT
04:00 problem2: cooldown alignment
04:40 Venti is NOT A CC bot, you lose a LOT of damage
05:00 problem3: the buff duration is rather short
05:34 a party buff is not REALLY a party buff
06:23 the real reason why the bow is bad, $$$
07:00 so what actually good about the bow?
08:03 the ACTUAL use for this bow
09:13 Whale thought on this buff

music provided by Zelda and Chill

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