DISGRUNTLED Employee Changes Trump, Pence Term End Dates On OFFICIAL Government Website

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Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia sit down with Andrew from Don't Walk, RUN! Productions to analyze a so-called 'disgruntled' employee who pushed the US even closer to unrest with a snarky end-date to President Trump and Vice President Pence's terms on the official Department of State bios.

Guest: Andrew @Don't Walk, Run! Productions (YouTube) @DontWalkRUN (Twitter) @DontWalkRUNProductions (Instagram)

Tim @Timcast (everywhere)
Ian @IanCrossland (everywhere)
Luke @LukeWeAreChange (Twitter) @WeAreChange (YouTube)
Lydia @SourPatchLyds (Twitter) @Ultr4violet (Instagram)

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