Creepypasta Legends VS SCP Foundation [HORROR Battle] Minecraft PE

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It's a battle of the legends when SCP Foundation creatures fight Creepypasta Legends. Can Slenderman take on SCP 106? Is Herobrine strong enough to stand against SCP 682? What about Rake VS SCP-096? Find out!

00:52 - Jeff the Killer VS SCP 049 (Plague Doctor)
01:40 - Slenderman VS SCP 106
02:09 - MothMan VS SCP 173
03:01 - Rake VS SCP 096
05:00 - Ben Drowned VS SCP 076
05:51 - Herobrine VS SCP 682
06:30 - Creepypasta VS SCP Foundation

Team Undertale (Gaster, Sans, Papyrus, Chara) VS Team CreepyPasta [Minecraft PE]

Trevor Henderson Creatures VS CreepyPasta Legends [HORROR BATTLE] (Minecraft PE)

Slenderman Add-on By 安瑞CN:
Herobrine HABIRGB -

Rake by Aaron Gamer:

Mothman ADD-ON By NobrezAddons 16 _Mobs Creator
SCP Collaboration addon by JS:

SCP 096 by Bendy


Music: Lucky Day - Jingle Punks Music provided by No Copyright Music
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