Chapter 139 Eren's Endgame EXPLAINED! The End of Attack on Titan Is Here!

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The Chapter 139 Attack on Titan Leaks have yet to come out, but in the meantime check out our final version of the Eren Endgame Theory video before the release of the final chapter.

Eren and Ymir Masterminded The End of Attack on Titan. It looks like Chapter 138 revealed that Eren always planned for the Rumbling to fail and die at Mikasa's hand. The Titan Parasite or Hallucigenia is the enemy of humankind. Eren and Ymir combined to kill it and create a world free of Titans where Armin, Mikasa, Historia's child, Ymir and everyone else get to live long and happy lives.

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Hajime Isayama revealed the last panel of Attack on Titan and it looks like it might be Grisha holding Eren and Historia's child. This child is the key to Eren completing the Endgame.
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