Billy Wright - Wright To The End? (Documentary)

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This documentary covers the death of leading Loyalist visionary Billy Wright from Portadown. Wright was jailed for 8 years after a woman claimed he threatened to kill her. There were no other witnesses and he refuted the allegation - so it was simply her word against his. The 8 year sentence is the longest ever handed out for this offence in the history of the UK.

While imprisoned, the UK security forces colluded with their informers in the INLA catholic terror group to murder Billy Wright in the Maze prison. Supposedly the most secure prison in Europe, these British agents were somehow able to bring guns into the prison and then murder Billy Wright while a watchtower guard was 'conveniently' removed from his post.

Wright was a rallying figure against the appeasement to IRA terrorism and the British government (and security forces) obviously felt his murder was necessary to keep that process on track. He will never be forgotten by true Loyalists across Ulster and the rest of the UK.
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