Angry Birds Fantastic Adventures: Civil War

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Chef Pig finally succeeds the second phase in his plan and proceeds to begin the third, remove the king with his army of lower-class pigs oppressed by him. At the same time, the Angry Birds, now divided into the Red and Yellow teams, continued to get fooled by the imposters. However, their civil war runs deeper than manipulation.

Hey, y'all. Hope you enjoyed this long-awaited season-defining episode. Also, there are some things that some viewers may find uncomfortable to watch like fear or fighting among allies. This season talks about themes that influence my older audiences. Viewer discretion is slightly advised.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of the soundtracks. The music belongs to their respective owners
Special thanks to Tray Breaziel for making the sound effects for the new intro (channel: )
Gang-Plank Galleon composed by Rare Limited and copyright by Nintendo
Angry Birds Motion Comic by hyjkar

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