Amazing Science Gadgets/Toys 3

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Hi Everyone :)
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I get asked often: "Where did you get all this stuff?" My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.
Purchasing items from the links on these pages will help support my IG page of science and wonder.

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???????? This video contains and involves phenomena in each clips :

00:00 Intro

00:02 Jacob's Ladder: high voltage arc rises due to the heat of the plasma created by the current ionizing the air.
(jacobs ladder, physics, science, science toys, physicstoy, high voltage, electro magnetism, science is awesome)

00:32 Lightning 2000 Plasma Lamp: low pressure noble gasses glow due to discharge from high voltage.
(plasma, plasma ball, physics, physics toy #physicsfun, emission spectra, science toy)

01:05 High Voltage Wood Burn: my attempt to make a Lichtenberg fractal by applying a high voltage electrical current across a piece of wood.
(Litchenberg, science, frozen lightning, fractal, electron)

01:36 Aquarius Fountain Lamp: an oscillating stream of water is illuminated by strobe lights to reveal underlying structures and forms typically hidden from our vision.
(physics toy, physics fun, physics, stroboscopic, kineticart, Arduino #aliasing, fluiddynamics)

02:25 Fire Piston: rapid adiabatic compression creates enough heat to ignite and incinerate a small ball of cotton.
(thermodynamics, compression, adiabatic, idealgas law, science)

02:57 Coupled Oscillator Giraffes: set one giraffe into motion and the others will join, trading the kinetic energy between each other in an intricate dance.
(resonance, frequency, resonate frequency, physics toy, oscillator, energy transfer)

03:36 Butterfly Mendocino Motor: the simplest (and very elegant) version of this motor with only two photovoltaic cells mounted with care to ensure precision balance.
(solar motor, solar cell, future energy, mendocino motor)

04:39 The PiTOP: this beautiful brass cylinder has a radius of 1 inch, a height of 1/π inches, and displays the first 109 digits of π on its face.
(pi, angular momentum, rolling friction)

05:30 Triple Pendulum Chaotic Fidget: This interesting spinner is made from stainless steel and features three physical pendulums each mounted with their own low friction bearing.

06:00 Pendumonium: stick man chaotic pendulum with 4 degrees of freedom. Desk toy from the 80's demonstrates chaotic motion of nonlinear systems. Note how the kinetic energy transfers from one limb to another.

06:18 Dither Image Encryption

06:57 Laser Lissajous


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