A New Beginning (Day 1 Moments) - OTV Rust Server

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Moments from the first day of the new RP Rust Server with a bunch of streamers.

0:00 Momas Dimples
0:26 Ludwig dissing shroud
1:18 Scarra gets deleted
1:44 its a leaf
2:00 Get it out my butt
2:28 night time
2:53 completely normal
3:26 karma
4:14 tina sings
4:38 use words
5:10 peters reputation
5:49 advertising at its greatest
6:44 peanut butter song
7:26 2 storages perfect
7:42 jack and the police
8:41 tinas true side
9:11 ludwigs tricks
9:39 raes recruiting methods
10:39 corpse needs pants
10:52 Never disrespect blood god
11:51 the white line
12:15 tina and the pig
12:58 Ash Sing
13:11 toast attempts capitalism
14:09 borders prevent violence
14:38 sounds you shouldnt hear
14:55 peters love
15:52 rock
16:19 ash height confirmed
17:14 The Cleaver
17:45 kris bribes jack
18:45 tests
19:14 best song ever


Unfortunately i fell asleep much earlier and wasn't able to get better clips since I stopped watching and probably missed a bit. So Hopefully you're all able to enjoy this
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